Unreserved Love(愛是不保留 英文版) 愛是不保留(吉他版) [ Unreserved Love ] 借貸I've always b 小額信貸een told love won't endure.No 土地買賣where can one find love long and true.The world jus 酒店兼職t thinks love comes and passes through."Don't make promise" 酒店工作is the rule...But I still believe love can last long.Your unfailing love has mad 票貼e me strong.You are the one I can depend upon.Come what may, you'll love me all along!Who died 酒店兼職 on the cross and took away my curse?Great is your love, I don't think I should deserve.Your bleeding hands p 租房子roved your love unreserved.You're my only joy and treasure on the earth...Giving everything to you is all I pray.Use my life 帛琉 to serve you truly every day.I'll hold your hands and give you all my praise.Let the whole world know your love and grace! 按這裡連結出 景觀設計處  .
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